“John is amazing at inspiring and connecting with every person in the room, regardless how large the venue. John is truly outstanding!” — Jim “Gus” Gustafson, PhD, U.S. Cellular

“I would highly recommend you to any company that wants real insight into what grows winning leaders.” — P. Douglas Wilson, Boston Scientific

“Your opening plenary address set the tone for our Annual Leadership Conference. We arrived tired and discouraged, and left energized.” — Ronald J. Hunsicker, PhD, National Association of Addictions Treatment Providers

Praise for With: A True Story

“This is wonderful writing, the voice, the timing, the intuitions for the right idiom and metaphor. An unaffected, unpretentious blend of story and theology. With is as good as it gets.” — Eugene H. Peterson, Translator The Message Bible

“I have read passages in this book again and again, on more than one occasion with this thought in my mind: I have never read better! With is a triumph.” — P. Douglas Wilson, Senior Fellow, The Trinity Forum

“We are designed to have an intimate relationship with God. Getting there is a journey best shared through intimate experiences with family and friends. In this book, exquisitely crafted family stories deeply touch the reader’s mind and heart. A beautiful, intimate book. A work of art.” — Jay Bennett, Esq., President, Twin Cities Christian Foundation

“With repeatedly brought tears to my eyes as I relived these masterfully crafted stories. The value of my own family history and communal experience was elevated for me by With.” — John Withers, Life Coach

“I absolutely love With and the stories you are sharing. I’ve been pondering the topic of ‘lost’ and ‘lostness,’ and your insights are the best I’ve ever read. As a matter of fact, John, when you go deep your writing style reminds me of my favorite author, Henri Nouwen.” — Carter Birely, Executive Director, The Pittsburgh Experiment

“I am love-love-loving this! It floats its way to sit deep in the soul. Yum, yum, and ahhhhh.” — Kelle Olwyler, Founder, Kel Bergan

“This is a wonderful gift you are putting out for the world. The story of Clarence being lost and my being lost is powerful. It will require much contemplation and prayer for me to fully grasp.” — Mark Eaton, Managing Director, FTI  Consulting, Inc.

“Just beautiful! Voice, narrative, depth of content and heart beating engagement.” — Stewart Levine, Founder, ResolutionWorks

Praise for Ten Thousand Horses

“This is a book I couldn’t put down. A book aimed at the heart where all good leadership starts. Stahl-Wert and Jennings have integrated leadership, wisdom, the pain of un-adopted youngsters and the power of forgiveness—all courageously suffused in a lovely story.” — Max De Pree, Member of Fortune Magazine’s National Business Hall of Fame, bestselling author of Leadership Is An Art

“Ten Thousand Horses brings us a stirring message of the power of trust, of love and of hope at a time when building trust is the greatest challenge before us. We are grateful for this new resource on ‘how to be a leader’ for leaders across the sectors.” — Frances Hesselbein, Founder and President, Leader to Leader Institute

“This is a book I couldn’t put down. A book aimed at the heart where all good leadership starts. Stahl-Wert and Jennings have integrated leadership, wisdom, the pain of un-adopted youngsters and the power of forgiveness—all courageously suffused in a lovely story.” — Max De Pree, Member of Fortune Magazine’s National Business Hall of Fame, bestselling author of Leadership Is An Art

“Ten Thousand Horses is vitally important for leaders who want to bring out the very best in their people. Stahl-Wert and Jennings have given us another deeply moving story that offers sure-footed guidance for becoming the kind of leader people want to follow. Read this book!” — Ken Blanchard, Author of The One Minute Manager

“I thought I would scan the book out of courtesy, got hooked, and couldn’t put it down until I had read the whole thing, made some notes, and memorized portions. It made me really want to take care of issues I am facing in my real life. The manuscript is filled with gold. I want to thank God for using you to show how to take action with a plan.” — Roosevelt “Rosey” Grier, Football Legend, Actor, Author, Minister

“Harnessing raw potential has long been a passion of mine.  In this seminal work, the authors combine kids, horses, and serving leaders to reveal powerful truths that can change lives worldwide.  What could be better than Ten Thousand Horses — all charging in the right direction?” — Laurie Beth Jones, author of Jesus CEO, The Path, and The Four Elements of Success

“Your book has captured the essence of the foundation of all healthy relationships, and that is trust. Trust opens the potential for greatness for all living beings. Once the trust of a wild horse is gained, you have a faithful exuberant partner for life—a most extraordinary experience.  Imagine if this were to spread to the human work place.” — Karen A. Sussman, President, International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros

“It’s a rare business book that combines matters of the heart with great principles for your head. John and Ken have done just this. I loved this book. You will also.” — James H. Amos, Jr., Chairman Emeritus, MBE/The UPS Store, Chairman and CEO, Tasti D’Lite

“Leaders who read this book will learn from a compassionate story about who people are and what motivates them to achieve.” — C. William Pollard, Chairman Emeritus, ServiceMaster

“Ten Thousand Horses is an extraordinary achievement! Stahl-Wert and Jennings have taken on every leader’s greatest struggle—how to enlist the full and passionate engagement of their followers—with a management approach that can be put straight to work. Bravo!” — James B. Green, President and CEO, Kemps

“Ten Thousand Horses is, in one simple, powerful book, the whole story of worker engagement and how to ignite it!” — Fred Harburg, Former Chief Learning Officer and President, Motorola University

“Stahl-Wert and Jennings have captured through this poignant story what it takes to enable high employee engagement that produces sustainable high performance. I heartily recommend this newest work for those who seek to enable uncommon engagement to produce extraordinary results.” — P. Douglas Wilson, Vice President, Global Merger Integration, Boston Scientific Corporation

“Ten Thousand Horses is an inspiring story of a business manager facing failure both at work and at home. Managers from either the private or public sector will find Ten Thousand Horses helpful in improving their leadership capabilities and in transforming their organizations.” — William Sterling, CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Trilogy Global Advisors

“In this time of great economic change, every business must outperform its competition and execute as flawlessly as possible. Ten Thousand Horses forcefully addresses that task head-on, and should be read by every leader who wants to make a great impact in their work. Stahl-Wert and Jennings have again brought us a powerful business book and a moving story that will benefit those who use it to improve their operations.” — B. Joseph Pine II, Co-Author, The Experience Economy

“Ten Thousand Horses grabbed my attention, enlarged my vision, and filled me with a deeper desire to make a difference. Whether you are a leader in your home, your church, or the marketplace, this is a must read!” — Terry Meeuwsen, Co-Host, The 700 Club

“Ten Thousand Horses is a wonderful palimpsest—a three-tiered set of Russian Nested Dolls. It is a story about strong, beautiful-but-discarded horses inside a story about strong, beautiful-but-discarded teens inside a story about how underperforming work groups get sling-shotted to success by strong leaders. The rules for success are easy to understand and allow readers to internalize the ‘How’ and not just the ‘What’ of leadership.” — Harry Howell, Retired CEO, Boston Financial

“If you are interested in living life with robust passion; If you are interested in leaving a legacy of compassionate service to others; If you need help implementing these desires… then read Ten Thousand Horses.  It will inspire you and provide instruction for the journey.” — Reid Carpenter, President, Leadership Foundations of America

“Ten Thousand Horses is a fun book to read; it provides sound leadership principles in a clear manner but as importantly it illustrates the impact of leadership principles in the way we live our lives and the way our daily lives and experiences inform our leadership.” — Roger A. Oxendale, President and CEO, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

“Ten Thousand Horses offers a recipe for corporate success using universal principles in a story that is compelling, inspirational and practical, integrating the very aspects of leadership that produce magic when aligned.” — Leah Kalish, Program Director, Yoga Ed.

“Using fiction to reveal the facts about human capacity building, Stahl-Wert and Jennings expose the myth that leadership is merely ‘what one does.’ Leadership involves everything that you are. This story is a one session read.” — Bruce Bickel, Senior Vice President, PNC Corporation

“Ten Thousand Horses confronts your apathies, enriches your spirit, inspires your leadership desires and warms your heart for the needs of others.” — Jeff Anderson, Executive Vice President, Good News Holdings

“We put Stahl-Wert and Jennings first book, The Serving Leader, to very effective use throughout our company. Their new book, Ten Thousand Horses, is an inspiring roadmap to worker engagement, and will help leaders at every level to help others succeed. Read this book, and hang onto your hat!” — Paul Klaassen, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Sunrise Senior Living

“Leadership is one of the toughest jobs there is. Stahl-Wert and Jennings show that by engaging the employee’s mind, heart and hands in the workplace, the ‘true’ leader can unleash a self-renewing wave of energy, creativity and achievement that ultimately results in a vastly improved bottom line. Enjoy this book. Reflect on its teachings. But, most importantly, use its age old wisdom and make a difference in your life and the lives of people you affect.” — Stan Geyer, Former Chairman and CEO, Entegris, Inc.

“This is a terrific book. We continue to build a high engagement culture using practices aligned with the principles John and Ken develop in their book. And what a story! As with their last book, The Serving Leader, these two friends have written a story that will challenge both your heart and your mind. Thanks guys.” — Roger Marchetti, Senior Vice President, Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

“John Stahl-Wert and Ken Jennings ‘Engagement Equation’ of Tx3C=E can be to business leaders what Einstein’s revolutionary equation of E=mc2 was to the scientific community. In Ten Thousand Horses, they share their innovative equation with business leaders of every type of enterprise and organization. It’s an equation that is sure to get workers fully engaged with their job—and keep them engaged!” — Paul J. Meyer, Founder of Success Motivation International, Inc. and 40 plus other companies, New York Times best-selling author

Praise for The Serving Leader

“What sets this book apart is the beauty of the storytelling…” — Ken Blanchard, Lead Like Jesus

“…an amazing book that will challenge and inspire you.” — Harvey Mackay, author of New York Times #1 best-seller Swim With The Sharks

“This book will speak to your soul…” — Jim Mellado, President, Willow Creek Association

“I owe my success in leadership to the principles found in this book!” — John B. Hirt, PhD, Major General, United States Marine Corps

“…deals with fundamental questions of what matters.” — Newt Crenshaw, President, Lilly Pharmaceuticals Japan

“Jennings and Stahl-Wert understand servant leadership…” — Jim Amos, Jr., Chairman Emeritus, Mail Boxes, Etc.

“Not a book—rather an experience, a journey into real life.” — Scott Keffer, President, Wealth Transfer Solutions, Inc.

“I laughed and cried! It’s a wonderful book.” — Deb Grumski, Coalition for Leadership, Education and Advocacy for Recovery

“…a delightful and entertaining book!” — Dr. Alistair M. Hanna, Chairman, ALPHA USA, Former McKinsey and Company Director

“A lovely universal quality to this story.” — Valerie Andrews, Author

“I recommend this book to anyone facing halftime.” — Bob Buford, Author of Halftime

“…not a quick how-to business book…a Prayer of Jabez class book.” — Perry Pascarella, Author of best-selling Purpose-Driven Organization

“…the most practical guide available to implementing servant leadership…” — Ken Blanchard, Lead Like Jesus


Praise for The Serving Leader for the People of God

“Elizabeth Wourms and John Stahl-Wert’s The Serving Leader for the People of God is a clear and practical application to the life of ministry leaders of the ideas in Stahl-Wert’s earlier work with Ken Jennings, The Serving Leader. The author take the five key ideas simply stated and illustrated in The Serving Leader and help the reader weave them deeply into the fabric of their lives. The practical, reflective, biblical approach of this work will make it useful in congregations and in seminary classrooms. Heeded in practice, it will shape the lives of leaders and congregations. I heartily commend the work to anyone travelling the journey.” — R. Robert Creech, Ph.D., co-author of The Leader’s Journey, and Hubert H. and Gladys S. Raborn Professor of Pastoral Leadership, George W. Truett Theological Seminary

“When leaders DO (and believe) the actions in this book, teams will thrive and so will leaders. Thanks for your strong theological insights and practical to-dos.” — Joani Schultz, Chief Creative Officer, Group Publishing, Inc.

“You owe it to yourself to take the time to experience this book. Engage the questions, allowing them to become tools of self-discovery. Ask God to illuminate the passages that challenge you to grow. This book will be the catalyst for deep abiding transformation, not only for you, but ultimately for those you lead.” —Andee Marks, Minister of Equping, Saint Patrick’s Anglican Church, Lexington, Ky.

“This book is a leadership treasure, filled with concrete examples and leadership nuggets! It is an insider’s look at leadership styles and how they play out in the Equipping Church.” — Gia Garey, Group Life Program Director, The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, Leawood, Kan.


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