Three of Life’s Biggest Little Commands

On Saturday evening, 300 men and women gathered in the landmark Grand Ballroom on the 17th floor of the Omni William Penn (built a century ago by Henry Clay Frick) to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of The Pittsburgh Experiment. The Pittsburgh Experiment was founded by the late Samuel Moor Shoemaker, an Episcopal Priest of renown who made an indelible impact on the world, not least of which when he guided Bill W. and Dr. Bob to sobriety and gave them the principles that they turned into the “12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.”

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There’s a great deal that I’d like to say about Sam Shoemaker – and a book I’m working on titled For: A True Story has much about Sam in it – but today I’m thinking about his life-long call to action. Wherever Sam went, he admonished the men and women he served to “Get Changed, Get Together, Get Going!” This admonition is well known in the “recovery community,” but it isn’t guidance for a drunk or a workaholic only. These three little commands have profound leverage in them for all of us, and are worthy of daily consideration.